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For, By and Of Youth!

Continuing the tradition of a Youth Board, we are pleased to introduce and share with you our leaders for 2022. For the year-long term, we are excited to have onboard a set of diverse and uniquely talented individuals. Each coming from a distinct background, there is a mix of new and regular volunteers we have had. Bringing to the table their unique interests and strengths, each member is dedicated to carrying forward the legacy of the collective through their efforts.


Presenting to you the dynamic leadership youth board!

Meet The Team



Akshat Yadav

Akshat is as action oriented as they come. A senior national hockey player, his sportsmanship is rather visible wherever he goes. One call away, he fulfils his duty with persistence and excellence. A fitness enthusiast he likes to keeps himself active to battle any inconsistencies that might come his way. A student of Sociology, he is a dynamic energy on the field. A lover of travel and sports, Akshat’s assiduous tendencies are truly admirable.


Teen Member

Prakrat Agrawal

Prakrat can always be expected to be reading or learning new things. Equipped with a host of subject-specific and soft skills, he is often relied on leading and guiding his peer. He is the President of his school’s STEM club and also works as a student researcher at the NYAS. Prakrat is motivated to work for the educational and environmental initiatives at large, and recently he was accepted into the Civic Innovators Fellowship for Spring 2022.


Youth Action Member

Venu Sharma

Venu is an individual of many interests, and an admirer of humanistic subjects. A published author and a reading enthusiast, her favorite past time is shaping social concerns into dramatic stories. She aims to become an intellectual researcher in Humanities. Her greatest gifts are her ability to be empathatic and meticulousness. An extrovert & an admirer of scholarly conversations, she wants to become a catalyst of change and yearns for perfection in all she does.


Young Leader

Tanay Dowlani

As an individual with the ability to influence a room, Tanay has a caring attitude towards others. Tanay is one of the senior volunteers at the organization, and has been with us from the begining. Recognized for multiple plays at college, inter-college and school level, he is someone who brings much of the unknown into light. Awarded outstanding fellow at the Yes Foundation media for social change fellowship, he guides the younger leaders to success.

Well Wishers

Atharv Kekre

Former Youth Action Member

Mahak Goyal

Former Youth Action Member

Yuvraj Baghel

Former Ad-hoc Youth Member

Krishna Chourasia

Former Ad-hoc Youth Member

Prakhar Halen

Former Ad-hoc Youth Member

Amandeep Chhabra

Former Jt. Secretary

Yuvika Sakre

Former TLAF Jt. Secretary

Aastha Raysen

Former Youth Action Member

Manuj Jaiswal

Former Youth Action Member

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