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Each committee is yet another essential gear to the machine that is Indore 2030, they ensure the smoothest functioning possible. Each targeting a different age group, these committees ensure the diversity of each meetup. Focused on various tasks we have on our hand an excellence of youngness that is often hard to decipher. Their creativity, spark of awareness and enthusiasm keeps us alive.


Teen Leaders Action Forum 

Teen leaders are responsible for the engagement of school students who are to be encouraged and made responsible for the duties that they hold towards the world at large. Their activeness and enthusiasm is an undeniable spark and every day they prove to be more competent than their age suggests. 


Youth Action Forum  

These are the key action takers and the very core here at Indore 2030. Filled with extreme zeal, they partake in activities, create them and establish our events from scratch. Their fun filled hearts give us the motivation to keep going. Their creativity, innovation and enthusiasm are unmatchable. With them in the picture, every event is bound to succeed. 


Young Leader Action Forum 

A group of like-minded individuals between the age of 25-30, they are the experienced change-makers that mentor the other two forums every step of the way. Their finesse and action oriented approach aids their juniors in more ways than we can count. They use their well earned achievements to help us smoothly run our operations.  


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