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Our Initiatives

From that first meeting to at least a 100 more, we have had the pleasure of hosting events again and again. Emotions and an overdose of memory our history is full of hard work, positivity and efforts. Here is a glimpse into some of our regular initiatives and events.


Equipped with surprisingly unique and astonishingly clever activities, Meetups are an exclusive. A set of curious undertakings, they are full of laughter and learning. Promoting crowdwork, solidarity and awareness, people always leave our meetups with fresh ideas and new friends. 


With changing times, people have faced a withdrawal from the splendor of nature. We aim to change that via Excursions. These hikes promote local tourism, social communication, interaction with nature and above all healthy living.   

Game Night

One of the most popular events here at Indore 2030, Game Night is a unique evening rendezvous characterized by mass gaming. A phone less evening, it promotes sociability and interaction over competitive and fun board games. With 50+ board game options there are no stagnant moments during this event. 

Open House Discussions

For us discussions are arenas that allow free expression, a safe space where anything and everything is discussed without judgment. Founded on unique agendas, they are aimed at raising awareness through speech. Complete with insights from all participants, they not only allow opinions to be voiced but also questions them in a healthy way.  

Action Campaigns

If meetups bring thoughts, then Action Events breathe life into them - each exclusive to the day they are organized on. From expressing gratitude by promoting sanitary hygiene, to sharing our Diwali joy, all our Action events are marked by emotions, active participation and immense satisfaction. 


Work can be fun too, and such are our social observances which are no less than any celebration. The purpose is to bringing change through action, and making memories along the way. From international observances to religious festivals, we like to celebrate them all. Have you not heard about Dil-Waali Diwali?

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